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10 Reasons Why Your Business Need’s a CMS Website

10 Reasons Why Your Business Need’s a CMS Website

Websites are really important to any business but having great content on your website is what keeps your visitors coming back. A CMS or (a content management system) allows you to maintain control over your website whilst also being able to add content (text, images and videos). Without the need for help from a designer ( of course available if needed).

Website CMS is easy to manage

Benefit 1: CMS’s are easy to use

If you decide to use a CMS for your website it must first be customized by a designer who has knowledge of PHP, MySQL, CSS3, and XHTML, Javascript. The good news is once the website is set up you can add your own content without ever affecting the design as the content is separate from the layout of the website. Once the customization and coding of the CMS is complete, managing the content of that website is fairly simple and straightforward. Not only am I a designer but I am also a professionally trained tutor so can help you learn how to use your newly built website. Find out more about our training here

Benefit 2: Keeps Costs Low

It is well known that websites need updating all the time because you can add new content yourself via a CMS you won’t have to ask your designer to add new pages all the time, you’ll be able to do it yourself (after watching some of our training videos). Also, as the core, or skeleton of the website is already coded (security, core functionality, SEO tools), it takes the developer less time to create the look and feel of your website which results in you having to pay less for a designers time.

Benefit 3: It’s Collaborative

Collaborative with your colleagues via WordPress

A content management system can allow you to have an unlimited amount of users all with different privileges. At the top level you have Admin, followed by editors and contributors and of course your designer should you need any extra design work doing on the website. This allows your colleagues, as well as yourself, to create new content and then submit it for approval before it is displayed on the site keeping you in total control. You can also edit the works of others once they have created it so it can be perfected before it goes live to the public.

Benefit 4 : Easy to Update

CMSs are easy to update even for those without technical know how. CMSs main textual content works very much like a Word Processor meaning if you want to change text on a page you don’t need to crawl through lots of coding languages you can simply sign in, locate the page and edit the content whether its a different image or a new line of text.

Benefit 5 : Responsive

responsive website design

More and more people access the web through their mobile these days and less are using desktops, this means responsive design is VITAL. A responsive website allows your content to fit whatever device your user is viewing it on whether it be a desktop, mobile, tablet or smaller device windows. All my websites come with responsive design as standard.

Benefit 6 : Update on the go

With a CMS you can access your website and add or edit content on your website from anywhere with an internet connection. So next time you are laying on the beach of Barbados on your tablet or wasting time on the London tube on your smartphone sign in to your site and be more productive with your time.

Benefit 7 : Security


Security is a concern for everyone with a website and protecting your website is becoming more difficult with hackers becoming more and more knowledgeable of how to infiltrate a website but you can still prepare yourself for best possible defence from an unwanted intrusion.Like a house, you shouldn’t leave your windows and doors open and you wouldn’t leave your front door open when you aren’t around. All CMS websites come with security features to ensure you are just one step ahead of any hackers with bad intent and should they manage to infiltrate I can back up your website weekly so you never lose your website’s content.

Benefit 8 : Consistent brand

You must protect your brand. Your brand is your heartbeat and if you don’t maintain a consistency throughout all your interactions with customer facing collateral and interactions then it can make you look unprofessional.The way that CMSs work is that they ensure your visual look and feel of your content is consistent on every page. This is all done through CCS coding that your designer will maintain ensuring you never have to worry about things not looking the same.

Benefit 9 : Search Engine Friendly

All JAWilsonDesign CMS websites come pre-installed with the ability for you to attempt to reach the top level pages of Google through the use of search engine tools. This allows you to target a search term and then write your page or post around it. I cant guarantee that you will be top of Google for every search term but I can definitely guarantee I will give you the best chance possible of getting there.All CMS websites will come with video guides on how to use the tools and should you still remain confused I can offer one on one tutorials.

Benefit 10 : Social Media Integration

Using social media is VITAL to raise awareness of your brand to your potential audience. A CMS with JAWilsonDesign will come pre-ready for easy access to all your social media channels and also, should you wish, a facility to share your new content easily via your various channels. As you grow your content, your social media following will also grow and so will your fan base. We are in the age of communication so make sure you talk to your customers on a personal level through social media.

Do you want to be able to edit and add content to your website easily? A CMS is the answer!