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Used Ford Car Website

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A car dealer required a new website and so approach New Star Media to create it, I was the designer assigned to the project.

This website needed to communicate clearly the different types of Ford cars that the business sells.

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The key element of this design was to make it easy to navigate to the new Ford cars without scrolling and be able to share key selling points of the business of the month.

The company’s brand was turquoise with charcoal and white so images, such as the front of the car, had the car’s colour changed to match the company image.

Next it was important the contact details where always at hand and easy to find.

Lastly, all imagery ( such as the ones seen below ) are all created by 8-bit John to ensure the brand maintained consistency throughout the website and gave the impression of a modern business.

CMS that adds new used cars

At New Star Media they have developed a system which makes it simple to upload new car listings. This system is then skinned with a particular style depending upon on the client’s brand. This element of development really helped to speed up the design lifecycle and get websites live quickly and to allow designers, like myself, to focus primarily on the look and feel of a particular site. This, along with maintaining their code via beanstalk and GIT meant that changes were made quickly and efficiently helping to turn around websites within a fraction of the time of a usual development whilst giving a consistent feel to all of their websites made for used car sales.

Although this was the case, every other page, from the homepage, service pages, about page and more, allowed you to explore the design rational of a particular business. Below are a couple of images from the website that I designed.

Did Someone Say Responsive?

Most users of this used car website now visit via their mobile phones, either out and about, checking on prices or visiting a link from a social media channel. It’s never been so important to have a mobile-friendly ecommerce website as it has been proven that more sales are taking place on our smart phones than ever before. This website is accessible across several devices to suit every type of user without pinching or squeezing the screen, improving the user experience, a vital element of any modern website.

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