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I was employed by a software development agency to help create a brand and identity for the company.

They had multiple services that they wanted to provide to their clients and had already established a name called rubix so the main element that would help evolve all of their marketing material would be the website. It was key to communicate the many skills and services the company provided and help users navigate quickly to their appropriate page whilst communicating a forward thinking and innovative business within the industry they aimed to target.

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With the name being rubix and the company having 9 services available it made a perfect situation in order to make reference to the famous rubix cube with 6 different colours.

As can be seen here, when the first website was created each service was given a colour and laid out to make navigating to the service that a user required simple and clear.

Below this, a simple request for a callback so a customer had the option of speaking directly to the relevant department at their convenience.

The Branding Of The Software Development Agency

As the company grew its software development arm it developed a need for a new look homepage. This meant that I would be incorporating both the services the business provides and the software that had been created. Splitting the screen in two meant that navigation was at the forefront of the design thinking whilst also maintaining the sense of technology and creativity, a business that follows the industry trends but also attempts to break barriers within the law industry.

This use of vibrant pink against white was a consistent theme throughout the early branding of ruibx technology from the exhibition stands to the collatarel, brochures and business cards.

Did Someone Say Responsive?

Most of us now visit websites via our mobile phones as we all live busy lifestyles and often need to access the web on the move. Not only is it important the website displays correctly on mobile but it needs to be considered how the webpage is laid out and this was considered here. As can be seen below, the main hero image has been removed likewise, as has the single line of text. This means that just the icons and the title are displayed to help users easily navigate to the appropriate service they are seeking whilst also giving the appearance of a 9 square rubix cube ( refering to the brand name). Its not only important to ensure a design fits a device but its also important you consider the UX whilst developing a design.

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