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Simone Stephen Counselling

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Simone Stephen is a counsellor and hypnotherapist based in South UK and required a new website design for her practice.

The site needed to communicate the fact she worked with adults and children and what each service provided. Please visit her website for more information.

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After speaking with Simone to acquire her brief I felt it was important to clearly identify the two sectors that she worked in and make navigation as simple as possible due to the nature of the business. The less complicated navigation, the better it would be for people searching for therapy.

Colour Scheme & Image Association

The colour scheme would help differentiate between the adult and child with the adult colour being more conservative and the child being more approachable and caring.

The colour, in combination with the simple layout and the choice of imagery makes visiting each service page simple and clear as to not overwhelm someone seeking help or support on what may already be a challenge to approach a person about an issue they are having.


Did Someone Say Responsive?

Most of us now visit websites via our mobile phones and often need to access the web on the move. It’s never been so important to have a mobile-friendly website. We created a website for Simone that is accessible across several devices to suit every type of user, particularly as most traffic tends to now come from social media that is accessed via our smartphones.

Not only does it help make it easy to navigate her site, but also helped keep the business feeling professional and that the users needs are considered.

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