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Seek A Therapy is a conception by 8-Bit John after recognising what he could do to try and help one of the biggest problems facing the modern world.

This website is a self driven project that was born out of a desire to make a difference with the skillset and experience I have gained from the years of practice as web brand and graphic designer. The fundamental aim of the website helps educate people on different types of therapy and find local therapists in their area easily.

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The secondary aim is to help therapists improve their digital marketing via sharing what I have learnt over the years whilst offering a FREE listing to share their services with someone searching.

Currently there are 1000 listings of therapists of all varying types in mostly the UK and USA ( although there are therapists from around the world listed including India, Canada, France, Holland, Spain and more) but it is the ambition over the next few years to have many more so there is a lot of options of which therapy to try.

Branding & Marketing Material

Having a functional website that helps you find therapy quickly and easily was important but having a brand that is modern and instantly recognisable was just as important. I wanted it to communicate that there are many ways to improve the wellbeing of the mind and also reflect a positive forward thinking look towards therapy and healing. At Seek A Therapy it puts holistics on par with traditional therapy like counselling allowing people to explore new ways of healing they may not have considered before like hypnotherapy, reiki and massage amongst many more.

The brain logo has different elements of its hemisphere coloured to represent different types of therapy and also different causes of why we become stressed, depressed or anxious coming together to heal the overall brain. The colourful nature of the logo also helps to convey a sense of optimism and hope that will be to help others feel it is possible to recover from anything they may be going through.

The bright turquoise colour used on the business card and as the primary brand colour enhances this sense of positivity further and is known to be a colour of healing. This I believe is really communicated well on the business card. The reverse of the business card is white which allows someone to write on the card should they so choose. The brain has UV gloss on it to enhance the impact this important element has on the overall feel of the brand.

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