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MigSolv Website 2012 – 2016

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MigSolv required a modern and unique website that communicated their services.

MigSolv, formly known as Migration Solutions employed 8-Bit John to build their brand and website.

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MigSolv are a data centre and one of the things that the CEO said about the industry is that it is a dull one, an industry of middle aged men in grey suits and I wanted to portray a different impression than this description. I wanted to show that the industry can be interesting and personal. This was done by the inclusion of characters and flat design illustrations so rather than just data, to include the people that are running and protecting the information of their clients.

Also, rather than a simple grey and red colour scheme we decided to include green. This green not only complements the red but it also conveys the environmental factors that the data centre likes to promote to its clients.

Secondary Design Features

The interface of the homepage was very important, it had to be engaging both visually and with its text content so that people could clearly see the benefits of choosing MigSolv as their data centre partner. The combination of the illustrations with the photography I believe makes this website more of a visual experience and breaks the mould of the ‘men in grey suits’ that the CEO was trying to move away from.

Did Someone Say Responsive?

Most of us now visit websites via our mobile phones and often need to access the web on the move. It’s never been so important to have a mobile-friendly website, particularly in the IT industry such as data centres.

When creating the imagery for a website it has to be considered how it displays on mobile and tablets so the experience feels natural and not just trying to fit the imagery within the size of the mobile device. For instance, the gif below shows clearly how the data centre is connected to the rest of the united kingdom whilst looking like a natrual element for the mobile device.

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