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Insurance Brokers Website

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Whilst at rubix technology I was asked by the MD to undertake a website design for an insurance brokers following the brand of their current parent company.

Looking at their current site I borrowed some of the stylings in terms of the circles but then incorporated these by adding images within them and including animation and using clever use of white space. This thus enhanced the website’s journey.

The website follows a minimal style and adds power to the businesses core messages.

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As the user navigates down the homepage and the site the user experiences some animations to help communicate the message that the business is trying to portray and draw the eye to certain elements first whilst adding interest to the experience.

The minimal style helps maintain a sense of quality and professionalism that an insurance broker would like to portray themselves as.

Did Someone Say Responsive?

As it is now well known, it has never been more important that your website is mobile-friendly. When navigating through the website via your phone the spacing changes to ensure it is displayed in a more concise way and ensuring all images are optimised for mobile display.

Having a responsive website makes it easy to navigate the site whilst also helped keep the business feeling professional and that they care about their users needs with little features such as a simple icon that allows you to call the business quickly.

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