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Holistic Therapy Liverpool

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Holistic Therapy Liverpool had been running their business for over 5 years and required a new website and some branding.

Holistic Therapy Liverpool needed some assistance setting up a website that clearly defined their services and kept navigation simple. Their current site was a bit confusing and so the first step was to look at their navigation. Secondly, they also wanted a logo design creating to reflect their services.

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They had established some web presence already but it needed focusing and a clearer navigation and professional image to go alongside their new website.

It was decided to go for a side menu to keep all contact details to one side whilst allowing the main call to actions to be displayed to the right. Also, with the brand, the new logo would be used as the main concept for the colours used. It is believed the highest chakra is meant to be purple.

Logo Design

Not only did the holistic therapist require a new website but they also wanted an identity to be created for all of their marketing material. After discussion with the client it was agreed that we would look at the symbols of the chakras and use them to create an identity for the business as it is the core service provided. The highest chakra is the crown chakra and where the source energy is meant to enter our body. It is this energy that reiki healers use to heal others and why it felt appropriate to use it for their logo.

Did Someone Say Responsive?

Most of us now visit websites via our mobile phones as we all live busy lifestyles and often need to access the web on the move. It’s never been so important to have a mobile-friendly website. We created a website that is accessible across several devices to suit every type of user. Not only is it easy to navigate but also helped keep the business feeling professional and considering the needs of its users.

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