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An app company that specialise in apps and websites for schools employed me to help develop their brand further.

On initial inspection, their current site was looking dated and the navigation had too many options which made it difficult to navigate and thus was the first place to that would be addressed reducing the number of top level nav items by half and clearer call to actions.

School App Developers

The initial concept of the ParentApps website was to incorporate their brand’s logo into their actual user interface. Borrowing the phone that exists in the logo to create a surround around the video, helped to re-enforce the nature of the business whilst also adding an element of playfulness to the educational app business.

Following the autoplayed video the call to actions where the next concern, the business had moved into wanting to sell websites and apps for schools yet their old website didn’t really communicate this. A couple of buttons where added to the homepage and a call to action menu item to highlight requesting a free demo of the product which was one of the main ways the business would close sales.

Next I wanted to change how the apps were being displayed as the current sit used a mockup image that was cropped badly making the site look quite dated and low quality whilst giving a less fluid and natural feel to the presentation.

Lastly, the brand needed to appear consistent. The blue and white it’s main brand colours and green for call to actions whilst iconography had to be created to represent their services in professional and recognisable way. The use of the blue texture and the blue and green gradient helped to bring the whole design together in a modern way.



The rebranding of the ParentApps business was vital to enhance the perception of both the business and the product. The original website was created using a WordPress Theme Template and used a flat style that was becoming very dated. The printed collateral was also following the same style and looked very basic and cheap.

Considering modern design trends, the new website, the added layer of texture, the careful use of green and the common use of the phone surround on videos became the most important element of the rebrand.

It had to communicate professionalism, forward thinking technologists and youth.

Old ParentApps Website

Did Someone Say Responsive?

With the business being app developers it was imperative that the website worked well on mobile devices. The website not only considered the call to actions available to users but also that the messages of the products provided where communicated well on the most important of devices otherwise it would take a negative affect upon the company brand and perception of the product being sold.

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