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How To Write A Blog Post That Has Longevity


Also, if you have any knowledge of SEO keywords have been prevalent in search rankings since the dawning of the search engine. A keyword is a word that clearly associates the content of your page or blog post with it so that users can find the exact content they are looking for. So what is a long-tail keyword? As wordstream.com explains : –

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to a point-of-purchase.

So for example if an artist was to try and advertise they have wrote a blog about painting they don’t just want to put a keyword ‘painting’ to hope they will be found. The competition for that keyword will be simply too massive to even be considered to land on page 1, instead key-phrases such as ‘painting by artist xxx’ if they are relatively famous, or ‘a painting about finding yourself’ if the topic is quite relevant or ‘a painting that describes what is like to live with mental health problems’. All these key-phrases are long tail keywords and stand a better chance of being found on the top pages of google.

write a blog post that has longevity by talking about popular problems

Longtail keywords have less search-ability but with almost 3 billion people actively using the internet it is possible to still attract the right audience to your blog posts but is what you are writing about really relevant and are enough people likely to be interested in the blog? You need to be a little bit self critical and analytical when it comes to the content you are going to try and push to your target market because once its published it may be that longer down the line it doesn’t have any pulling power.

You can find out if your topic you want to write about is on the rise through google trends here.

Write a blog post that has longevity by not talking about current events

As I started my profession as a web, graphics and brand designer I joined a company that had well established image in their industry and I suggested they should blog, use social media channels and add videos to push their digital marketing strategy to the next stage. The problem with the blogs that were posted on their site was, although very interesting they only talked about current events and news and how it affected the industry they are in.

Why is this a problem? Well the reason it is a problem is because although at first it generates a lot of traffic and readers to the site once the news has faded away the blog becomes quite deserted with only the occasional visitor.

Write a blog post that has longevity through education

My most successful blog posts are not ones that discuss current events they solve problems, FAQs and issues that people have when involved in my industry or looking for someone to help them with a particular issue. This in turn adds value to my users and is believed to help make you look a bit of a guru in your particular industry and a person who is willing to help others sometimes free of charge! People love free!

That is another useful blog type, anything that offers free things, free fonts, free graphics, free chocolate, free anything will always have a good return rate and also a good sharing capability.

I hope this brief article helps you understand a little clearer what blog articles can help generate more regular traffic to your website. Have I missed something? What else would you suggest to improve your blog’s performance? Please comment in the box below.

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