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Used Elite Car Website
Web Design
Project Description

Whilst working at New Star Media John created several interactive mockups using Adobe XD and began coding them as well ready for deployment. Unfortunately, although this website was coded up ready for deployment the company was a new one and pulled out from going forward with their new venture.

Mockup Concepts

With the website being elite I wanted to do a design that defied convention and started to use angled lines mixed with squares and solid use of dark colours mixed with reds and whites.

The three main top-level pages would be just under the main slider making navigation easy after seeing the latest and impressive line from their used car range. Below this a brief intro into the business itself and the loan provider that the dealer works with. Behind each section of the homepage resided an elite cars exterior, interior or lifestyle image further enhancing the desire for the cars on sale.

Keeping the colour scheme black and red prominently was to give the sense of power that these cars possess. This power element would also be portrayed in the angular telephone number box.

This website has the confidence to stand out from the crowd and those who purchase from the dealer are also of the same personality. Confident, powerful and not afraid to make life the way they want it to be.

Project Details