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MigSolv Infographic
MigSolv Infographic
Digital Art

MigSolv in 2015 decided that they wanted to try marketing in new and innovative ways. JAWilsonDesign decided to start creating some infographics and this is one of them.

Representing the security of MigSolv data centre

MigSolv is both a data centre consultancy and a high-security data centre. Due to the data centre having such strong security features JAWilsonDesign decided to create an infographic to communicate to potential clients just how strong the security is.

To begin, he started with the idea of the strongest geometric shape, the circle, with the central point being the customer’s data or servers. Around this central circle is layers of all the varying features that MigSolv data centre can provide to protect a client’s business.

By positioning the main security features in this way makes it easy to communicate the strength of a data centre that has every corner covered in what possibly may damage a data centre breach and it also gives a sense of a deeply layered system that makes it appear as though MigSolv is almost unpenetrable.

Client: MigSolv
Date: 2015